Friday, November 16, 2012

Raw Emotions

I have forgotten how ugly and unlovable I truly am
Until I receive a swift reminder from someone I care so deeply about.
I guess it's okay to throw me aside like I'm nothing
Cause I've been nothing from the start
So I might as well be nothing forever on.
It can be so hard being so strong 
When you're literally defending yourself from the rest of the world.
I suppose I just let people in to give them the satisfaction of 
Ripping me apart time and time again.
I suppose it is my own fault though for 
Not being good enough to be worthwhile.
I really can't compete with something that is worthwhile with the way I am.
My only option is to continue on in hopes that 
I'll actually matter one day to someone.

This is not how I always feel, in fact, this is how I rarely feel.  This was during a time of high emotions and lack of an opportunity to talk out my problems with someone.  This is, however, how my mind can run from time to time.

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